This site is all about having fun and introducing you to new adventures. It's a little bit of everything with a "Bad Ash" touch! 

About Me

My name is Ashley Davis... also known as "Bad Ash". I was given this nickname while working as a rock studio personality in Champaign, IL... It stuck.

I've worked for all kinds of radio stations (Top 40, AC, Hard Rock, Alternative, and AAA) in Chicago, Champaign/Urbana, Illinois and Asheville, North Carolina. Loved it, but after 10 years I needed to explore new options. I moved to Hawaii, where I did lots of yoga, surfed, and learned to slackline... and then decided traveling the world was the goal and I would work to find a way to do it.

For the last four years, I have traveled the world, working as a Yoga Instructor (check out Bad Ash Yoga!), teaching classes, workshops, and retreats all over the world. But along with teaching, I've been able to incorporate my other passions; working as a Brand, Marketing, & Promotions Consultant in Maui (learn about Bad Ash Marketing!), along with freelance voiceover acting for numerous companies, writing album reviews, and interviewing singer songwriters around the country (hear Bad Ash Voice in action!).  I've taught surf lessons on the coast of North Carolina & in Jaco, Costa Rica.  And of course the steady and constant work as a server, which I love.

I'm a lover of life & will do what I need to be able to enjoy my life of travel! Whether it be yoga, surf, slacklining, acro yoga, traveling, eating, hiking, skydiving, and just all around adventure, Bad Ash Voice and Bad Ash Yoga are my outlets to share with everyone about the crazy, awesome life I lead, but to also to inspire you to do the same... Not just like me, but to find your joys, and blaze your own trail through this amazing adventure that we call life.

The next year is being set in motion as we speak. Many fun things will be going down. So I invite you to join me here on my website, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and wherever else I might pop up along the way.

One "Bad Ash" adventure coming up! 

Italian Wellness Holiday July 2018