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Combining all of her passions in one place... Bad Ash features her work, through her voice as an individual, as a marketing consultant, voice over artist, yoga instructor, & through her travel, music & food blog. Follow her work around the world, from the USA in the Midwest, Hawaii or New England to Fiji, Costa Rica or Bali.  Ashley is a person curious & passionate about life, love, and everything in between.  Learn more about the Bad Ash Adventure!



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I have learnt more from Ashley than I have from any other yoga teacher in 11 months of practicing yoga. She understands how to coach someone and is quite articulate in coaching them rather than a “one size fits all” approach. Ashley has the ability to deliver a message in a captivating way that makes a lasting impression. She is truly awesome to work with and keeps the audience engaged Watching Ashley teach/practice yoga in itself is an inspiration to learn as the benefits of doing it right are on display! I love taking her classes and recommend everyone does. She is a high energy person and really one of a kind – There will not be another “Badash”!!
— Anantha Krishna - Yoga Student
As the Program Director of Extra, when we needed a new accent voice for imaging our rock station, the first person I thought of was Ashley. She’s got a great voice for rock imaging. Ashley has the really cool, sultry and sexy, light and fun... you name it. She made our imaging really pop on the air... I absolutely recommend Bad Ash to anyone looking for a new voice... whether it’s as an accent voice or your only voice. she can get it done, and sound great doing it.
— Zach Hunter - Program Director - Extra 99.1