Loved the Last Book I Read… and I Just Happen to Know the Author. ;)

Recently I finished reading my friend Ben Robertson's historical young adult novel The Last Generation… an intriguing account of the disappearance of the Greenland Norse through the eyes of a brave young woman. The book explores cultural change and gender boundaries, and brings adventure all lead by the heroine. Definitely a page turner… impressive Benjamin. 

Buy in on Amazon or if you are in New Hampshire … you can buy it locally at Toadstool Bookshops of Keene, Milford, and Peterborough, and at Hannah Grimes Marketplace in Keene!

Interested even more in the book? Check out Suzette Martinez Standring's interview with Ben Robertson at the Milford TV Community Media Center in Milford, MA, whereBen talked about the true history behind The Last Generation.