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Fundamentals of Yoga - Evolution Yoga Maui

  • Evolution Yoga Maui 942 Main St 103 A Wailuku, HI (map)
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Join RYT-500 Ashley “Bad Ash” Davis at Evolution Yoga Maui Saturday, February 2, 2019 from 1-3p to revolutionize your Yoga practice with an in-depth study in alignment and energetic flow. Discover the extraordinary in the most ordinary movements in your own body, deepen your practice, and become more comfortable at any yoga class.

In the Yoga Fundamentals Workshop, you will learn key alignment techniques that you can apply to your own practice whether at home or at the studio. By knowing the cues and foundations for specific postures, you can use these techniques to build your practice safely and at your own pace. Giving you the confidence to do your practice at home or at any type of yoga class you attend.

GREAT FOR ALL LEVELS as working on the fundamentals is key in any practice.

February’s workshop will specifically focus on Seated Postures; dandasana, janursirasana, paschimottasana, yoga mudra, padmasana, balasana. All instruction will be accompanied by a Gentle Vinyasa Practice.

- Gain a working knowledge of the commonly used bones and muscles addressed in a yoga practice, and a new awareness of anatomical language.

- Explore how parts of your body move in relation to the whole to access experiencing each pose newly.

- Discover how to position and move your body to optimize a balance of effort and ease in your practice.

- Experience efficient movement in your practice, that will leave you feeling refreshed versus depleted.

Demonstrations of specific postures will be offered with detailed breakdowns of alignment and modifications to find the posture within your body to work towards the full expression, enhance your personal practice and learn the benefits of each pose.

Every yoga practitioner wants a deeper understanding of their own personal practice and awareness of their body. As your practice grows it is important that you are applying alignment techniques to grow within your practice with less strain to the physical body. Many people go to yoga and leave class not quite sure if they’re doing the postures “right”. Taking right or wrong out of the equation, the question should be, “am I doing this posture in alignment with my own body?”

Attend a workshop! Unless you are practicing and asking lots of questions to your instructors after class, you might not know what you are doing in certain poses or what areas of the body you are working on opening. Maybe you are confused sometimes because you don’t understand the sanskrit word that is being used by the teacher or the name of the posture in English for that matter. Every asana posture is available to you with practice and assistance, whether by an instructor or the use of props, and knowing the names of the asanas will help. Being fully present in your body and on your mat comes as you get more comfortable with the language and movements. The practice will come and you will deepen your practice through this understanding.

As we build a foundation of awareness we have a better understanding of how the posture should feel in our own body. The full expression of a posture is not achieved without practice and knowing the basic foundations which will help you progress at your own pace with less strain on the body. Even if the full expression looks scary at first, with time and sadhana (practice), it can be achieved. Once you begin to understand the proper alignment of the pose you will find the accessibility of the posture in your own body. Understanding the foundation and fundamentals of specific asanas will help you progress in your practice without jumping ahead to the full expression of a posture that your body might not be ready for. You are trying to balance your body and mind, through strength, flexibility, and balance, and these practices will help you avoid injury.

Earlier Event: November 17
Fundamentals of Yoga - Evolution Yoga Maui