365 Days of Handstands & an update!

Handstanding in Byron Bay, Australia... Photo by Jaz Morton.

Well, I have to say that my blog efforts have been poor to nearly obsolete, but I'm trying to get into a rhythm here. Currently, my travels have bought me back to beautiful Maui, and I have been here since early January. Previous to that I was in Fiji with Sadhana Yoga School, Australia for travel and fun, and then in India taking a course for myself with Abhinam Yoga School. It was then home to Illinois for the holidays, with a short visit to Atlanta to see family. Then I rushed off to Maui to escape winter, but also check in with my work at Down the Hatch... I'm a promotions, brand and marketing director there, which I also do remotely when I travel. Some people don't know that about me... they just think I'm fluttering about... yet I'm actually always working. :)

Experience staying in a quaint village in Alvito, Italy!

As I mentioned in the headline, I'm actively working on my handstand & have challenged myself to 365 days of handstand practice... I'm documenting these handstands via my Instagram page @BadAshVoice ... please follow me & watch the progression.  Along with working on my handstand and trying to teach more yoga classes in Maui (I've currently been subbing for my amazing friend Yoga with Alison), I'm planning a retreat for the summer of 2018 in Alvito, Italy! This is a very exciting endeavor for me, and I look forward to announcing the details soon. If you are interested in getting on the list for this info... please email me badash@badashvoice.com & I will give you the insider scoop.

Life is one day at a time & I am doing best, just like the rest of us. I'm forever grateful for your support, and by the mere fact that you read this... it means you support me. As they say in Hawaii, MAHALO!