Top 10 VOICE Tips from Bad Ash VOICE!


Taking care of your VOICE is key if you are a voice actor, singing, performer, public speaker, radio personality... the list goes on.  Bad Ash VOICE has 10 Voice Tips to keep your vocal chords, throat & mouth in the best shape it can be, and ready for that next performance!

Bad Ash Voice tip #1

READ OUT LOUD! Your morning news articles, books, signs, subtitles, read everything out loud. Not only are you warming up those vocal cords, but you will notice improvement on your dry read.

Bad Ash VOICE Tip #2

SING SING SING! Singing is a great way to get those vocal chords warmed up in the morning, whether you are good or not. :) Sing along to your favorite tunes or sing in the shower, just take care of your instrument & keep it loose.

Bad Ash VOICE Tip #3

Don't abuse/misuse your VOICE! Try to avoid yelling, screaming, & talking loud in noisy places. If you are going hoarse, it's a warning that your vocal cords are tired. Give them a rest!

Bad Ash VOICE Tip #4

Say good morning to your vocal cords! Perform mellow humming & cooing in the early hours of the day to warm up your voice.

Bad Ash VOICE Tip #5

DON'T SMOKE! Smoking irritates your vocal cords, and let's not forget it can cause cancer. Sometimes you just need to point out the obvious.

Bad Ash VOICE Tip #6

HYDRATION people! Drinking plenty of WATER is key. Also, foods containing lots of H20 (melons/grapes/applesauce/etc.) assist lubrication of fast vibrating vocal cords. ;)

Bad Ash VOICE Tip #7

Listen to your VOICE! If you are sick or going hoarse, quit talking!  Give your voice a rest when it needs it, and your voice will be stronger when it's time to use it.

Bad Ash VOICE Tip #8

Moist is good for the VOICE!  Hydrating your vocal chords is a must, so take it to the next level. Humidify the areas that you spend most of your time.

Bad Ash VOICE Tip #9

Warming up your VOICE isn't just for the professionals, it's like stretching before you excercise.  Reduce muscular tension in your jaw, neck & shoulders by singing, humming & stretching to start your day!

Bad Ash VOICE Tip #10

Give your VOICE a break!  If you need to speak throughout your workday, take your downtime seriously & don't use your VOICE.  For instance, teachers talk to their classes all day long & when they can rest their vocal chords they should do it.  Think of it as a "vocal siesta" & give your VOICE some quiet time. ;)