Bad Ash ad made by Shoots Productions in Maui!

Recently I hosted the Down the Hatch Lahaina Local Showcase in Maui, Hawaii.  It was definitely one of my favorite events to spearhead & host, because working in fashion, so to speak, is something that I have never done before.  However, I was able to direct this entire event and then host it.  It was such an amazing evening in Lahaina with everyone dressed to the nines, and tons of beautiful women and men strutting the catwalk for some really amazing local vendors in Maui. As a vendor of the showcase (which I was), we were all given a promotional ad by the very talented Vini Pimenta of Shoots Productions in Maui. Above is my ad.  I have to admit, the first time I saw it I was a little embarrassed because it seemed very "me, me, me"... but then I realized... I am my brand, and that is me, and I shouldn't be embarrassed to sell myself.  Thank you to Vini for telling me that too. ;) All around I walked away from the showcase with a lot of new experience, new friends & colleagues, and this sick video.  Thanks again Vini, you da best brah!

Songwriter's Marketplace Podcast, featuring Bad Ash!

Once upon a time, I was a radio personality, very heavily involved with local music & helping different bands "get out there". Songwriter, musician, & entrepreneur Ken Lehnig (latest album The American Music Show) is a colleague & has become a friend over the years. Recently, Ken invited me onto his podcast for Songwriter's Marketplace to talk music business & what bands can do to stay relevant in this day & age.  It was a great chat, and gets me amped to be able to talk about one of my favorite things... music. :) Here's another interview I did with the web-site back in the day. 

Landed in Central IL... two weeks in Canton before Bali!

It was a busy weekend in Illinois on the Bad Ash Yoga Tour... Thank you to Chuck & BE Yoga in Decatur for having myself & fellow instructor Jolene Wright for our ALIGN with BALANCE workshop on Friday evening... just a little taste of BALANCE Yoga Retreat Costa Rica.

Saturday morning was round 2 for Yoga & the Voice in Bloomington, IL at Tonya Keach Yoga & Wellness.  What an incredible class!  I honestly love all of my classes, but Saturday morning's energy was beyond words.  Such an amazing group of students, powerful space & stellar vibe.  Thank you for having me Tonya! (Pictured above Tonya Keach & Bad Ash)

Now I'm back in my hometown of Canton, IL & I'm teaching classes Monday through Friday for the next two weeks downtown on the square.  They are donation based classes, so pay what you can, all levels & all bodies welcome. :) 

It's all about the VOICE, Indianapolis bound!!

Oh yeah I'm pumped for this one! As many of you know... I'm a talker and use my voice to express myself through my career, passions, ideas and opinions. This Wednesday I get to put my favorite chakra to work with a unique and exciting vinyasa yoga class based around voice & the vishuddha chakra or throat chakra.  We will incorporate mantra in motion, while we flow through an energizing yoga class. This Wednesday, October 7th 5:45pm - Santosha School (8580 Cedar Place Drive #120 in Indianapolis, IN).  If you are in the area, we would love to see you, & please tell your friends that might be interested around Indy!  Prem! Jai!

Virginia Beach - waves, relax, rejuvinate

Spent the last week in Virginia Beach; getting organized for my Bad Ash Yoga Tour, preparing for my trip to Bali with Sadhana Yoga School at the end of October, surfing ( chee hoo! waves have been pretty crazy because of recent Nor'Easter weather patterns), and just taking sometime for myself.  

More & more lately I see the need of taking everything in, having some reflection time & a chance to really breath.  The last year went by in a flash, and this upcoming year I already see the time evaporating with work plans & adventures.  That news to come.  

Thanks to Virginia Beach & my friends that allow me to come visit.  Cheers to waves, epic sunrises, good friends new & old, relaxation & rejuvenation. Reminding you to take a little time for yourself...