Bad Ash Winter Plans

Plans change... it's inevitable. Nothing really works out the way you think... or expect... that's it's going too.  And in the last few years of my life, I have solely based my life around letting the opportunity take me wherever I can go.  Whether it be based on a desire to travel or for a job itself, I go there.  After a little over a month in Bali, I had the option of coming to Maui for a visit so I did, and now I'm staying for the Winter.  

Me in Lahaina a few years ago... had to get a sunset photo. :)

I used to live on Maui a few years ago, and I hadn't been back. So when I found out I couldn't stay in Bali, because of some issues with my visa, I thought why not get a few more weeks of surf in Maui before heading back to the mainland.  At least I could see friends and break-up my long trip back. 

Upon arrival, various job opportunities arose. And being the traveling fairy that I am, making money is appealing to keep the lifestyle going, so I decided to stay. My apologies to my students in Illinois who I told I would be back around the holidays.  My plans for Costa Rica at the end of January have been cancelled, and with a Winter job in Maui offered, I'm sure you can understand me staying. :) However, I will be in Illinois in April and May, and will be excited to announce classes as the dates get closer.

So what is it exactly that I will be doing you ask?  Of course, teaching yoga will be something that I'm pursuing, and have been excited to be subbing over the holidays for my college friend and yoga instructor Alison Ferrari.  Then the next gig is assisting Chef Lyndon Honda. What a cool experience! Lyndon is a bad ass chef, who hires professional servers to help assist him with his private dinners. Really cool. Now the main gig that's keeping me in Maui, helping out a hip new restaurant in Lahaina town called Down the Hatch - A Place To Eat Fish.  The guys are the same owners of Breakwall Shave Ice Co., which I worked for when I lived on island before. They are young, ambitious, have an amazing vision, and I believe in it.  Plus, they're my friends and timing is everything.  I showed up right in time to help them with some marketing and promotions for their new spot.  I'm thrilled to have been asked and given the opportunity for such a brief time.  Oh... I almost forgot... I'm also helping out as a prep cook at DTH. I've always wanted to work in a kitchen, and here's my opportunity to learn, with some peeps who will be patient with me. 

This is the plan as of today... you never know what tomorrow could bring. I plan to be my very best in every moment, allowing doors to stay open so maybe I can walk through them.  I'm excited for the next few months in beautiful Hawaii, and sharing with you as I go. Aloha!

A great shot from Rodrigo Moraes Photography for the DTH photo shoot I assisted with, featuring our lovely models & real life spectacular bartenders Megan & Joe.