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Anjaneyasana (Crescent Lunge)

Just a few recent yoga and health style articles that I've read lately & want to share. 

- Alright dudes (and chicks too)... I'm sick of BS excuses to not do yoga... those are in this article as well.  Read up, educate yourself on what you might think yoga is all about, and what benefits are actually in it for you.  It's more than you think. - The Badass Guide to Yoga for Men - Be Yogi

- Yoga is the union between mind and body, and here are some simple techniques where mind is over matter, and can improve aspects of any of your training. - 4 Mind-Body Tricks That Instantly Make You Stronger

- People constantly ask me how I can manage my nomadic living... and the answer is a lot of planning and hard work.  However, I came across this great article by Kiersten Rich, giving you the scoop on how world travel can be done without being rich.  Each item on this list, I related too or learned something new to help my travels. Totally appreciate that Rich took the time to put together for all of us! - I Left My Corporate Finance Job to Travel the World, What I've Learned

- Some of you out there looking for advice on Healthy Neck & Shoulders, check out this article by Matt Giordano.  He's a rad yoga instructor that I was able to take a workshop with at Wanderlust in Vermont last year. This article is a bit long, but really lays out some knowledge on the body for you. - TheYogiMatt


Bad Ash ad made by Shoots Productions in Maui!

Recently I hosted the Down the Hatch Lahaina Local Showcase in Maui, Hawaii.  It was definitely one of my favorite events to spearhead & host, because working in fashion, so to speak, is something that I have never done before.  However, I was able to direct this entire event and then host it.  It was such an amazing evening in Lahaina with everyone dressed to the nines, and tons of beautiful women and men strutting the catwalk for some really amazing local vendors in Maui. As a vendor of the showcase (which I was), we were all given a promotional ad by the very talented Vini Pimenta of Shoots Productions in Maui. Above is my ad.  I have to admit, the first time I saw it I was a little embarrassed because it seemed very "me, me, me"... but then I realized... I am my brand, and that is me, and I shouldn't be embarrassed to sell myself.  Thank you to Vini for telling me that too. ;) All around I walked away from the showcase with a lot of new experience, new friends & colleagues, and this sick video.  Thanks again Vini, you da best brah!

Bad Ash Winter Plans

Plans change... it's inevitable. Nothing really works out the way you think... or expect... that's it's going too.  And in the last few years of my life, I have solely based my life around letting the opportunity take me wherever I can go.  Whether it be based on a desire to travel or for a job itself, I go there.  After a little over a month in Bali, I had the option of coming to Maui for a visit so I did, and now I'm staying for the Winter.  

Me in Lahaina a few years ago... had to get a sunset photo. :)

I used to live on Maui a few years ago, and I hadn't been back. So when I found out I couldn't stay in Bali, because of some issues with my visa, I thought why not get a few more weeks of surf in Maui before heading back to the mainland.  At least I could see friends and break-up my long trip back. 

Upon arrival, various job opportunities arose. And being the traveling fairy that I am, making money is appealing to keep the lifestyle going, so I decided to stay. My apologies to my students in Illinois who I told I would be back around the holidays.  My plans for Costa Rica at the end of January have been cancelled, and with a Winter job in Maui offered, I'm sure you can understand me staying. :) However, I will be in Illinois in April and May, and will be excited to announce classes as the dates get closer.

So what is it exactly that I will be doing you ask?  Of course, teaching yoga will be something that I'm pursuing, and have been excited to be subbing over the holidays for my college friend and yoga instructor Alison Ferrari.  Then the next gig is assisting Chef Lyndon Honda. What a cool experience! Lyndon is a bad ass chef, who hires professional servers to help assist him with his private dinners. Really cool. Now the main gig that's keeping me in Maui, helping out a hip new restaurant in Lahaina town called Down the Hatch - A Place To Eat Fish.  The guys are the same owners of Breakwall Shave Ice Co., which I worked for when I lived on island before. They are young, ambitious, have an amazing vision, and I believe in it.  Plus, they're my friends and timing is everything.  I showed up right in time to help them with some marketing and promotions for their new spot.  I'm thrilled to have been asked and given the opportunity for such a brief time.  Oh... I almost forgot... I'm also helping out as a prep cook at DTH. I've always wanted to work in a kitchen, and here's my opportunity to learn, with some peeps who will be patient with me. 

This is the plan as of today... you never know what tomorrow could bring. I plan to be my very best in every moment, allowing doors to stay open so maybe I can walk through them.  I'm excited for the next few months in beautiful Hawaii, and sharing with you as I go. Aloha!

A great shot from Rodrigo Moraes Photography for the DTH photo shoot I assisted with, featuring our lovely models & real life spectacular bartenders Megan & Joe.

Traveling to Bali? A few things you might want to know...

All around Bali is outstanding, which is probably what you hear from every person who ventures there.  I'm glad to have been able to spend five wonderful weeks working, enjoying, and exploring this wonderful island in Indonesia.  However, I went without being fully prepared, and I thought that a few Bali tips would be good to know if you plan on venturing to that side of the globe.

Sitting on the cliffside at Uluwatu, watching the surf... after my session of course. :)


The first thing you need to do is research what type of Visa you want.  Being a citizen of the U.S., right now, you can enter the country and get an automatic free 30 day visa.  But if you plan to stay longer than 30 days, make sure that you are purchasing the extended visa BEFORE you leave the airport.  Otherwise you have to leave the country before 30 days, which you can do and then turn around and fly right back, and get another tourist visa.  Most people just take a quick trip to Singapore for less than $100 USD and then just jaunt back.  

Now if you pay for the extension on your tourist Visa at the airport, then you are paying about $35 USD.  This is where I messed up.  Maybe it was the fact that I had been traveling for nearly 48 hours, or that my officer checking me in didn't ask a single question... Either way, you need to pay for the extended tourist visa and you have to ask for it!!!  Otherwise, as soon as you walk away you have to leave the country at 30 days.  Now if you pay for the extension, then you will have to return to Denpasar, where you will leave your passport, on 3 separate occasions to extend your tourist visa.  Mind you... you have to go in a 2 hour time frame, on specific days, and they might be closed for ceremony.  Always check on that if you go this route.  Yes, it is definitely a hassle... especially if you overstay your welcome just a few days.

So you're wondering... what happens if you overstay your 30 Day Tourist Visa?  Well... this is what I did, and you will have to pay roughly 30,000 rupiah, the currency there, per day immediately on trying to exit the country.  They have ATMs and money changer to do this, but make sure you have cash, because you can only use an ATM so many times.

If you are smart and prepared, you would just set up your Tourist Visa before you leave your homeland and you can stay a longer period of time with no hassle upon arrival.

Currently, the exchange rate is a little less than $10 USD is equal to 100,000 rupiah. Most everything is paid in cash so be prepared to get money.  The USD is excepted in some places, but you will get Rupiah in return.


Once you've actually made it into the country, you realize how many people are there... and it's A LOT!  Motorbikes and drivers crowd the roads, going between lanes and carrying everything you can imagine.  Seeing a family of four on a motorbike is impressive, let alone some of the goods, rice, birds and other random things that you might see as you cruise along the countryside. Getting a motorbike or a driver is no problem at all... motorbikes will run you about $5 per day, and getting around in a car can be negotiated, but $10 for a 30 minute ride for as many the car holds is pretty typical.  Either way, these are pretty much the way to get around.  If you are getting a scooter, don't be an idiot... WEAR A HELMET!  I saw a wreck almost every day... some not so bad, some not so good.  Be safe!  Also, you should have an international drivers license if you plan to drive.  Get this before you leave your home country.  Otherwise, you'll have to pay fine... which could change depending on the officer you talk too.  Don't be fooled... a little finagling can be helpful.

Oh & there's a cheap motorbike service that some of the girls I know used...  Cheap motorbikes you ride on the back of pretty much anywhere.  You know them from the green jackets they wear.

A lovely little spot to stay, the Balangan Sea View Hotel... a short walk to the beach and restaurants, nice pool and restaurant on site, and a great place to throw up a slackline!


Now with technology it's so easy to find a hostel or an airbnb.  I recommend getting a SIM card if you are staying for an extended period of time.  This way you can have anything at your fingertips, it's not that hard to find in the cities, just look for the signs. Plus a SIM is not that expensive for a lot of data.  It will make things much more convenient.  You can easily search and book some really incredible places to stay.  If you are just cruising though, and not that picky, then just find a place when you arrive wherever you are.  This easier in low season... in high season, depending on the activities you are planning, you might want to find a place to stay a couple of days in advance.


Well where do you want to visit in the country?  Are you going all around or will you just visit a certain area?  First of all, It's HOT!  One driver I had said, 'there are only two temperatures in Bali; warm and hot!'.  So don't over do it on any warm clothing.  Protection from sun and mosquitos is all you really need sleeves for, and if you do the sunrise tour at Mount Batur, is a little chilly in the morning, but you will work up a sweat hiking up the sandy terrain of this active volcano. Otherwise, keep it simple, bring your bathing suit and know you will be sweating pretty much the whole time.  Laundry service is cheap all around.  Don't forget your bud spray and sun screen! Especially if you want some fancy organic brand.  You can find some great products out there, you'll just have to search a little harder.

Speaking of Mount Batur, you will need a guide to take you to the top. There are definitely guys hanging out, waiting to lead you up.  They are extremely helpful, and you'll be glad you hired them.  Also... if you don't hire them, you're not hiking up.  It's not a novice hike, be prepared to work for it. 

Ubud is a great little niche of Bali, where many westerners venture for a more spiritual and holistic way of life. All the yoga and amazing vegetarian food you can imagine is there, and the streets are swamped with great little shops that you can go absolutely bonkers in buying clothes and souvenirs. Another reason to pack light, you will have a lot of things you want to take home with you.  Heck you could just buy a whole new wardrobe there! Remember, everything can be bargained for, so don't accept the first price. 

I stayed at a permaculture farm outside of Ubud and loved the more relaxed atmosphere, but liked that I could easily escape into town for entertainment.  And there are lots of little secret places outside of town that you can find, so do your research and see what all you can get.  You never know what little gem you might find.  If you are a serious working traveller, some of the farms are a great spot to stay, get fed, and learn a little more about the culture.

Get as many massages as you can in Bali! They are inexpensive and a great way to pamper yourself on your trip.  Sixty minute massages only cost around $15 and you can get $5 thirty minute massage just about anywhere you go.  When you get into some of the high end spas though, you'll start seeing prices that are more what you expect in the western world. Prepare yourself... for an authentic Balinese massage, not these beach massages, but the real deal.  It can be more painful than pleasurable, and you'll have to breath through it.  I got several of these while I was there, but I like a strong deep tissue massage.  However, after three massages I was looking pretty battered for the multitude of bruises on my legs.  The Balinese assured me that the bruises were a sign of healing. :) 

I love to surf, and even though my trip was more yoga focused (I was there working for Sadhana Yoga School), I carved out a bit of time at the end of my trip to explore some of the Bali surf spots.  Canggu was the first beach that I got to catch some waves and really enjoyed it.  Great surfing happening throughout most of the day.  This is a spot for novice and beyond, easy to rent boards, and cruise.  Plus, the surfer town has just about everything you could want.  After that I got deeper into the Bukit Peninsula to check out Nusa Dua, Balangan and Uluwatu.  Unfotunately, I didn't get to do more because I fell ill, but I was happy to get to hit these places.  For the more intermediate to advanced surfer (depending on the season), Uluwatu is an incredible spot and very well known.  Winding down a cliffside maze of shops and restaurants, that comes to a staircase, taking you into a sanding cave, where you paddle out to the beautiful blue ocean.  This isn't a beach if you want to layout, but if you want to have a good meal and watch all the surf it's a must see.  And if you can surf, it's rad gazing back at the establishments perched along the shear cliffs, and to be surround by them yourself... stellar.


Temples... they're everywhere and you want to do your research if you can only do a few.  The Balinese are some of the most spiritual and ritualistic people I have ever encountered.  It's quite inspiring to see so many beautiful, kind people so committed to their spiritual beliefs, and without waiver.  I was able to dine with a Balinese family at their home, witnessing and discussing the demands of the faith and their ceremonies. It was quite an eye opening experience.  I was so grateful to have the opportunity to be invited into a local families home and experience the culture, through conversation and food. 

One of the most tranquil places I found were the rice fields that are scattered among the countryside of Bali.  If you can really call it countryside.  One moment you are surrounded by people, traffic, chaos really... and then you turn a corner to find a lush green rice field tucked away in the hills.  Perfect to meditate, or perhaps take a spa trip, or to just take in natures true beauty.  One little cafe I stopped at over looked the rice fields. There I sipped on a perfect fresh coconut, gazing over the lush green terraces, having to pinch myself to know it was real. If you are in Bali, take a moment to sit back and breath in the beauty of Bali in its rice fields.


Get it fresh! The food in Bali is to die. On a budget?  Go to the markets and load up on any kind of exotic fruit you can imagine and just indulge.  There are lots of places that you can get food for super cheap, and it's all good. In Ubud it's a vegan delight, with the city offering any type of veggie health nuts' favorite dish.  Meat eaters, don't worry... pork is a staple in Bali and there is an abundance of chicken and fish to go along with rice, veggies, noodles, and all! It's easy to find any kind of food you would like. I encourage you to try anything that you are offered and really delve into the local cuisine.  


Be wise and get travelers insurance.  I already mentioned about the many accidents that can happen in traffic, so let's get some coverage for your health, because there are diseases just floating about.  One girl I spoke with had just gotten over typhoid, contracted from the food at her resort.  All of the people in the program she was there taking got it... so shit happens.  I travel a lot and tend to get sick, so I try to be prepared before I go.  Yet, sometimes you just don't know.  This trip I was healthy for four weeks, and then contracted dengue fever.  Apparently, you get it from mosquitos.  Either way, it sucked.  I had to sleep for 3 or 4 days.  The symptoms are like the flu, and you just got to wait it out.  Lots of liquids and sleep!  It was miserable... and my feet broke out with all these crazy red spots... which I found out recently is a common symptom. I survived, so no harm no foul.  However, there were others that I knew that got sick, and even had to go to the hospital.  It was a good thing they had insurance, because a visit without it will drain your bank account.   

To conclude, this is really a roundabout detailing of a few things I wish I would have known before I got to Bali... which I will be prepared next time I have the opportunity to go there.  And yes, I will definitely go again.  Either way, you can't know everything, and that's what makes it all an adventure & learning experience.  Have fun and just go with the flow!

A month in Bali... no its not like Eat, Pray, Love... But

It's pretty incredible in Bali, and I'm loving it... How could I not? The time has been spent delving deep into my work for Sadhana Yoga School, as I'm here as a facilitator for their 200 HR yoga teacher training.  Basically... teaching people how to be yoga teachers.  And fortunately, I have been blessed with such an amazing and inspirational group of people.  I'm the newest addition to the facilitating team for SYS, and I've been guided here by the outstanding Anita Sundaram & Mindi Baston.  Both highly qualified and impressive teachers, that I have had the pleasure of learning from each day.  

The program has been three and a half weeks of intense training, beginning each morning at 6:00am.  I myself have been getting up a quite a bit earlier to get my own asana practice in before having to teach and assist.  Then I spend the day, preparing for the next... or perhaps hopping in the pool at our resort Jiwa Damai... or working in the permaculture garden planting peanuts and lettuce, or maybe doing a bit of slacklining in the yard. :)

Getting ready to enter the purifying & sacred waters from natural springs at the Pura Tirta Empul (temple)... what a tremendous experience.  Pictured with Swashna, one of the SYS students, and beautiful soul!

We did get some off days too, which I spent exploring with some of the people in the group.  A sunrise hike to the top of Batur volcano, a beach trip, a few Balinese massages, along with some temple visits, and I feel like I'm really experiencing the country.  No doubt that surfing is soon to be had, however it hasn't been top priority.  Yet, with the training about to be over, I have a little bit of time left in the country to jaunt around and explore what else Bali has to offer.

I've already seen so many magnificent and breathtaking rice fields, and been able to get a little bit of the local flavor when I was invited to a Balinese house for dinner.  I would have to say that was the highlight of my trip thus far. There is nothing really like being able to go to a locals house for grinds to get the real experience of what life is like in a completely different culture... on the other side of the world.  I'm very grateful for the invitation and opportunity.

Local style grinds at Vira's house... such a gracious host.  I've been on a strict veggie diet since I've been here, but I had to cave for this delicious fresh caught local fish.  The spread was amazing... and spicy!

Bali is one of the most spiritual places that I've been.  People are unbelievably friendly and welcoming.  The constant honking on the road isn't from annoyed, road rage infused drivers, but from thoughtful and concerned motorists making sure that everyone is aware of the what's going down on the hectic, congested road ways.  I've been able to cruise around a bit on a motorbike and I've got to say... it's a bit nuts... but I like it.

Not only have I had the opportunity to meet all these animated people at the training, but I have also been connected with new people from completely different walks of life.  I had one of my first (that I can really recall) "Blind Friend Dates" with a lovely girl and hiker named Kat.  We were linked by a trail blazer (HR Huff N' Puff) that I once housed in North Carolina, while he was making a stop on his journey on the Appalachian Trail.  He messaged us both making the introduction and we took it upon ourselves to have a meet up, which was absolutely delightful. Also, I got an opportunity to see another randomly made friend, introduced last year by a high school friend of mine, we just happened to both be near Ubud.  Isn't that just great?!  This is how the world works, and you never know when you will be crossing paths with some of the inspirational people that you meet along the way.  Can I just say... I love life!

Lettuce that I planted at Jiwa Damai in their permaculture garden.  I also planted peanuts, which have been growing quite well.  Just some Karma Yoga to give back to the beautiful land that I have been fortunate enough to stay at.  Thanks to the farmers Cedric, Fendi & Gede, you guys are the best!

Seriously... I wake up some days and just have to pinch myself that this is my real life.  I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I've been able to have, and will continue to put out the positive energy that has allowed it all to come to fruition.  It's legit... put out into the universe what you want to do and it will happen.  I used to be a radio personality, which I loved, but I felt like I was missing something.  I said, "I want to travel for my work."  It's happening right now. How long it will last, I can't say.  You never know how long something will last, so just allow yourself to be present and in the moment.  Don't think about what's next... you only have right now!

Right before "ecstatic dance" at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, with my new friend Sabine. The dancing in the Bali humidity was sweaty, hot, invigorating, and just what I needed that day... thanks Bee!

More adventures are in store, but less access to the internet... so I will be checking back with a bigger blog post once I make it stateside.  Much love & blessings! - Bad Ash ;)