Bad Ash Adventures Lead to Italy!

Ciao, Hello, Aloha, HOLA beautiful souls! 

Italian Wellness Holiday Banner

Big announcement first... I’ve been working the last 6 months on getting everything into place for an Italian Wellness Holiday, Summer 2018. (If anything, go check it out, because it’s so stinking rad!)

While I have hosted retreats before, mainly geared toward yoga asana, I have begun to explore a retreat, holiday aimed towards people wanting to have a lifestyle travel experience.  Italian Wellness Holiday is going to give persons a glimpse into a similar style to the life I have been leading, as the “traveling fairy” that I have become, over the past four years I've been teaching yoga… Yoga is a lifestyle, and I love asana practice, so there is no doubt that it is a part of the retreat, but this holiday is about living in the moment, which is yoga!

I have been inspired by a beautiful woman, Celia Owens, to take my love for travel & life on the road to Italy. Together we have developed the Italian Wellness Holiday.  We are inspired to give people an authentic experience of living in Italy. It’s one thing to vacation, but it’s another to truly live in an area… to absorb the culture, and feel a part of it. With the Italian Wellness Holiday, you will have this experience, and of course with the perks of actually being on vacation. :)



Daily Morning Yoga & Meditation Classes

Day Trip to Gneo Fonteo Beach & Umbrella Rental

Day trip to Rome

3 Qi Gong Classes

Travel oriented Art Classes

Daily Breakfasts

Arrival & Departure Dinner

Refreshments & Lite Snacks

Authentic Italian Cooking Class

Transportation To & From the Airport

Presenting my partner in the Italian Wellness Holiday, Celia Owens!

Presenting my partner in the Italian Wellness Holiday, Celia Owens!

Celia has 7 years of experience living in Val di Comino and Rome, Italy, and has a wealth of knowledge to the area and the country. She is a  lifelong artist and art teacher, world traveler, and practitioner of qi gong and yoga.  Celia also has education and experience in Drawing and Painting, Theater, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, International Peace and Conflict Studies, Hospice Care, Qi Gong and Yoga, Permaculture Design, House Design and Building Methods (frame, straw bale, adobe), Meditation, Buddhist/Baptist/Episcopalian Practice.  What can I say? The woman is incredible, and I am psyched to get to work with her. Celia is such an exciting host, and she will be incoporating so much into the holiday! Read more about Celia here.

What else have I been up too?

This past year has taken me all over the world; Fiji, Australia, India, Hawaii, and most recently Costa Rica. I’ve been pretty busy with trainings (teaching & taking)... above is a photo from the Costa Rica program I taught, where 13 incredible beings received their 200HR Teacher Training certificate. Such a rewarding experience to be with such incredible people learning, growing, and exploring the magical world of yoga all together.  I am forever the student, and feel so grateful to all the people that I come in contact with that teach me something new about myself or the world. If you’ve never taken a 200HR training, it’s something to think about regardless of whether you actually want to teach or not. Please reach out to me if it is something you are thinking about, I would love to recommend a program for you or talk to you if you’re interested.


Handstanding on amiga's rooftop in Jaco, Costa Rica. 

Handstanding on amiga's rooftop in Jaco, Costa Rica. 

Beyond getting everything in order for Italy, this next year is a mystery to me. Not quite sure what is in store, as plans have changed a bit… When life gets turned upside down… just go with it. :) (Note I’m still pursuing #365DaysofHandstands … follow me on Instagram to see my progress @badashvoice … it’s been a while, but I’m still plugging away… lol) … However, I do know that I will be teaching in Illinois on and off for the next few weeks at The Breathing Tree in Canton, and back to Maui this Winter.  My travels take me all over & I’m booking workshops, privates, and classes all along the way, let me know if you know of somewhere I should go or if I should come visit you!


A month in Bali... no its not like Eat, Pray, Love... But

It's pretty incredible in Bali, and I'm loving it... How could I not? The time has been spent delving deep into my work for Sadhana Yoga School, as I'm here as a facilitator for their 200 HR yoga teacher training.  Basically... teaching people how to be yoga teachers.  And fortunately, I have been blessed with such an amazing and inspirational group of people.  I'm the newest addition to the facilitating team for SYS, and I've been guided here by the outstanding Anita Sundaram & Mindi Baston.  Both highly qualified and impressive teachers, that I have had the pleasure of learning from each day.  

The program has been three and a half weeks of intense training, beginning each morning at 6:00am.  I myself have been getting up a quite a bit earlier to get my own asana practice in before having to teach and assist.  Then I spend the day, preparing for the next... or perhaps hopping in the pool at our resort Jiwa Damai... or working in the permaculture garden planting peanuts and lettuce, or maybe doing a bit of slacklining in the yard. :)

Getting ready to enter the purifying & sacred waters from natural springs at the Pura Tirta Empul (temple)... what a tremendous experience.  Pictured with Swashna, one of the SYS students, and beautiful soul!

We did get some off days too, which I spent exploring with some of the people in the group.  A sunrise hike to the top of Batur volcano, a beach trip, a few Balinese massages, along with some temple visits, and I feel like I'm really experiencing the country.  No doubt that surfing is soon to be had, however it hasn't been top priority.  Yet, with the training about to be over, I have a little bit of time left in the country to jaunt around and explore what else Bali has to offer.

I've already seen so many magnificent and breathtaking rice fields, and been able to get a little bit of the local flavor when I was invited to a Balinese house for dinner.  I would have to say that was the highlight of my trip thus far. There is nothing really like being able to go to a locals house for grinds to get the real experience of what life is like in a completely different culture... on the other side of the world.  I'm very grateful for the invitation and opportunity.

Local style grinds at Vira's house... such a gracious host.  I've been on a strict veggie diet since I've been here, but I had to cave for this delicious fresh caught local fish.  The spread was amazing... and spicy!

Bali is one of the most spiritual places that I've been.  People are unbelievably friendly and welcoming.  The constant honking on the road isn't from annoyed, road rage infused drivers, but from thoughtful and concerned motorists making sure that everyone is aware of the what's going down on the hectic, congested road ways.  I've been able to cruise around a bit on a motorbike and I've got to say... it's a bit nuts... but I like it.

Not only have I had the opportunity to meet all these animated people at the training, but I have also been connected with new people from completely different walks of life.  I had one of my first (that I can really recall) "Blind Friend Dates" with a lovely girl and hiker named Kat.  We were linked by a trail blazer (HR Huff N' Puff) that I once housed in North Carolina, while he was making a stop on his journey on the Appalachian Trail.  He messaged us both making the introduction and we took it upon ourselves to have a meet up, which was absolutely delightful. Also, I got an opportunity to see another randomly made friend, introduced last year by a high school friend of mine, we just happened to both be near Ubud.  Isn't that just great?!  This is how the world works, and you never know when you will be crossing paths with some of the inspirational people that you meet along the way.  Can I just say... I love life!

Lettuce that I planted at Jiwa Damai in their permaculture garden.  I also planted peanuts, which have been growing quite well.  Just some Karma Yoga to give back to the beautiful land that I have been fortunate enough to stay at.  Thanks to the farmers Cedric, Fendi & Gede, you guys are the best!

Seriously... I wake up some days and just have to pinch myself that this is my real life.  I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I've been able to have, and will continue to put out the positive energy that has allowed it all to come to fruition.  It's legit... put out into the universe what you want to do and it will happen.  I used to be a radio personality, which I loved, but I felt like I was missing something.  I said, "I want to travel for my work."  It's happening right now. How long it will last, I can't say.  You never know how long something will last, so just allow yourself to be present and in the moment.  Don't think about what's next... you only have right now!

Right before "ecstatic dance" at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, with my new friend Sabine. The dancing in the Bali humidity was sweaty, hot, invigorating, and just what I needed that day... thanks Bee!

More adventures are in store, but less access to the internet... so I will be checking back with a bigger blog post once I make it stateside.  Much love & blessings! - Bad Ash ;)