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Loving the New Head Shots from Jan Myskowski

Jan Myskooski, out of Concord, NH, took some really flattering headshots of me.. if I may say so myself. :)  Jan was fantastic to work with, and I'm looking forward to some of our upcoming projects!  See more of his work at

I would love to hear any feedback on these shots, and which I should use for my upcoming events.  So... what do you think?  E-mail me with your suggestions

A Goodbye to Bad Ash from Mountain Xpress

“Bad” girl makes good:   Ashley Davis promoted local music through her shows “Homegrown” and “Local Licks.”

“Bad” girl makes good: Ashley Davis promoted local music through her shows “Homegrown” and “Local Licks.”

It is a bittersweet moment after all that Asheville has given me, and I am so grateful for my experience here.  I could not have done it without the support of all of you, and I thank you! This decision was a hard one to make, but I have decided to pursue some personal endeavors.  

I will be keeping up with Asheville’s Music Scene, and will still be active in spreading the word about the amazing artists that are coming through and out of WNC. Along with music blogging, I will be writing for a site out of San Diego,  

Thank you again Asheville for all of your support in the last 3 and a half years, it has meant more that you know.  xoxo
Read the article in the best local publication around the Mountain Xpress!  Thanks Mountain X, I love you guys!

Or you can read it here...

A goodbye to Bad Ash

It's sad but true: Ashley Davis (a.k.a. Bad Ash), on-air radio personality for Asheville Radio Group stations 98.1 The River and 105.9 The Mountain and host of both Homegrown and Local Licksprograms, is leaving Asheville. Her last day on-air will be Monday, Feb. 7.

"I’m moving to Lahaina, Maui, and starting my new voice over/music blog website, Bad Ash Voice," she told Xpress. "Also, I will be writing for a site out of San Diego called Songwriters Marketplace.”

Davis is originally from Illinois; she started working part-time in radio at age 18 and began doing voice-over work during college. She earned the nickname "Bad Ash" for her no-nonsense, fun-loving rocker attitude.

Davis will be replaced on Homegrown by Heather Anders and on Local Licks by Aaron LaFalce. Her last local show on Sunday, Feb. 6, will be co-hosted by local singer/songwriter and Broomstars guitarist Jeff Santiago. For her final on-air shift on Feb. 7 she says there will be "no special programming. I might invite some friend in the studio, but it will just be me shootin' the shit with the listeners."

Davis has been a major supporter and promoter of local music, working to represent Asheville's growing music scene on a radio station that plays predominantly national and international pop and indie music. She's also made countless appearances at local events as a spokesperson, talent judge, emcee and fan. She's also interviewed numerous local and nationally touring artists in-studio. Her contribution to local music really can't be overstated, and her presence in Asheville will be greatly missed.

See Davis off at the Bad Ash Big Game Bash, a pre-Super Bowl party at Wild Wing Café on Sunday, Feb. 6, 4-6 p.m. There will be “Better than Bad Ash Trivia” and prize giveaways including a TV and recliner during the game.

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Farewell, Bad Ash! Good luck on all of your future endeavors and keep in touch.