Italian Wellness Holiday

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ashley davis

Traveling is the most thrilling part of my life, and I’m getting pretty good at it after living out of my suitcase now for nearly four years! Yes, I travel for work and pleasure, and usually I’m traveling solo. I meet so many people along that way that say, “I want to come with you!”, and I think... “Well, that would be pretty nice”. After years of hearing this, the opportunity has come with the Italian Wellness Holiday.

When I travel different places, I want to experience actually living in that spot, the culture of the area, and imagine myself living there… because maybe someday I will.  The only way to actually have that authentic experience is to do it, and having a community to support you makes it a lot easier.  For me traveling solo is the norm now, but for most people it’s not. The Italian Wellness Retreat is everything that I would want in a travel experience, authentic Italian living with a community to enjoy it with.

Most of my traveling consists of me going places to teach yoga or take yoga classes, and that’s amazing for me, but it’s not always for everyone. I’m excited to lead yoga and meditation classes for the Italian Wellness Holiday, without the whole holiday being based around asana classes and lectures. This is an opportunity for you to incorporate wellness into your holiday, a chance for you to experience the rich culture of the area, and to enjoy this with a community of people that are seeking a similar cultural experience.  

With my extensive travel experience, I want to be the facilitator of fun and growth, to help people be more comfortable and confident with traveling in general. I hope to be able to support people when they are pushing their own traveling boundaries, and also give them assistance is the confusing traveling moments.

My life motto is “No hurry, no worry”, which I have adopted since I started this traveler’s lifestyle.  Live life with no urgency but experience each wonderful moment for what it is. I look forward to having this travel experience with you!


celia owens

What I want to do now is to share my love of Italy with visitors, the beauty and the pleasure taken in everyday life.  I bring to that 7 years of experience living in the Val di Comino and Rome, adequate command of Italian language, familiarity with people and places.  As a lifelong artist and art teacher, as a world traveler, and as a practitioner of qi gong and yoga, I like to combine these aspects of life with going around meeting new people and experiences.

My students have often said I don’t just teach art, I teach life, or that I am a philosopher.  I know that the mystery of our existence and experience of this precious temporary life is never far from my thoughts.  I love learning and playing, and developing as a human being.

Italy has been so generous with me, and my life there/here (I also live part of the time in Santa Fe), has felt like fulfilling an important part of my destiny.  It is a destiny that is still unfolding, and I am interested in knowing who wants to be a part of it. 

I sometimes feel like I am aging backwards, thanks to amazing teachers.  My education has been in Drawing and Painting, Theater, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, International Peace and Conflict Studies, Hospice Care, Qi Gong and Yoga, Permaculture Design, House Design and Building Methods (frame, straw bale, adobe), Meditation, Buddhist/Baptist/Episcopalian Practice.  And I have reached the stage in life when I see that we will one day disappear right from the midst of whatever mess we are making.  At least I prefer that to tidying up and waiting. Playing and learning seem to me the best way to get to know people and to connect on a profound and satisfying level.

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