Packing List

Of course pack for all occasions on our itinerary, but here's a list to get you started. Please feel free to email & ask any questions that you may have. We're happy to help you in any way we can!

Passport (Make sure to have 2 copies of your passport!)

Comfortable Clothes for Yoga & Qi Gong

Yoga Mat (We will have some extras, but nothing fancy.)



Yoga Pants

Rain coat (It is dry season, but it’s always nice to have a light jacket)

Long Sleeve

Final dinner outfit (We like to dress up for our farewell dinner, but feel free to dress up for dinner every day!)

Water Bottle

Bug Spray


Bathing Suits

Running Shoes/Hiking Shoes


Universal Adapter (We will have specific adapters for Italy for you to borrow, but having an adapter will be a good idea for all your travelers.)

Cash (There is an ATM in Alvito, and not everyone takes credit cards. Make sure to have plenty of cash.  If you are in need of more cash when you arrive, it should be easy to find an ATM on our outing days.)

Beach Towel (We will have extra beach towels to provide as well)

Journal & Pens (Remember we will be providing you with a sketchbook that you can use as your journal.)

Books to read or share, and if you're a musician feel free to bring your instrument along!