Do I need any experience in what is being offered at the retreat?

Not at all, this retreat is about learning and experiencing new adventures, stepping outside of the your everyday and trying something new. Come with an open mind and an open heart, there is no judgment here.

What if I would like to arrive early or stay a day later?

You can absolutely do that! There would be at cost for the room, which is $50.00 per night, plus taxes and fees. None of the retreat activities are provided. *Limit 2 days before/after the retreat

Do I need a passport?

Yes, when traveling to a foreign country, a passport in needed.

If I’m planning on traveling after the trip, do you think you would give me some suggestions and tips?

Well of course! Both Celia and Ashley have traveled around Italy and through Europe and would be more than happy to give you travel tips, favorite spots, and more! I’m sure you’ll get to know them really well on this trip. 

Do I need to bring cash & how much?

There is an ATM in Alvito, but not everyone takes credit cards. This is not Milan, Rome or Venice.  It is a rural local economy.  Which is partly the charm, but it is not always convenient.  

What about this retreat is authentic to living in Italy?

The vintage charm and feeling is what makes it authentic! This should not be considered a luxury experience. It will be true to living in the countryside of Italy, with the convenience of having a personal host to accommodate you. The distances are not great, but most of the roads are small and curvy.  It is relaxing and sometimes like going back in time, especially because of the more historic architecture. 

Will there be WIFI?

Yes, each person on the retreat will be provided with access through wifi. We are in the country though, understand that it might be spotty. 

What else do I need to know? 

When you make your deposit, you will have a chance to read and agree to our Terms & Conditions for the trip.

Let us know if you have any other questions! We would love to help you learn more about this wonderful journey. 


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