Reiki Meditation & Asana Practice w/ Tiffany Ketchmark

This past weekend I was able to attend a Reiki Meditation on Saturday, and asana with Reiki Meditation on Sunday guided by yoga instructor Tiffany Ketchmark.  The Breathing Tree invited Tiffany to be a guest teacher, and what a treat it was. 

Yoga & Reiki Instructor Tiffany Ketchmark

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle of channeling energy by means of body scanning and light touch. These techniques are able to activate natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being.  This was not my first experience with Reiki, and with each energy healer there is an authentic approach and efficiency to their work.  Tiffany's presence and soothing character was refreshing throughout the two workshop style classes that she held.  Plus, the asana practice was meditative and really opened up the heart.  Wonderful. If you missed out on this opportunity, no worries, she will be returning to The Breathing Tree in June!

ACRO fun with Aaron Lind & Christine Moonbeam in MAUI!

Time just seems to get away from you, when you're having fun on Maui!  It was nearly a month ago that Aaron Lind & Christine Moonbeam, from Lift School of Acrobatics, came to the islands for an Acro Intensive weekend workshop.  I was amped to be able to go to the workshop on Maui, focusing on handstands, hand to hand, whips & proper safety techniques when practicing your favorite Acro moves. Aaron & Christine really focused on refining the foundational skills for your acro practice, while keeping it fun & safe.  

The Friday night introduction was great! They got you into it immediately with some effective warm-ups, really focusing on strengthening our handstands & getting up prepared for a weekend of hand to hand. Their enthusiasm & passion is so obvious, and it takes a real gift to take that skill and teach it to others.  Emphasizing the importance of slowing down and communicating with your partner, they were able to jam pack the weekend with Acro awesomeness, with everyone in attendance breaking barriers, building confidence, and having an absolute blast.

For me, I was just really excited to be a part of the whole thing, and within the acro community in Maui, you have a lot of skilled practitioners that are there to play, have fun & learn together.  It was great for me to work on my flying skills for sure, but I found that my basing became that much stronger over the course of the weekend.  Which, with all my traveling around, I find myself basing much more often... so I'm glad to be building in that area. :) Plus, since the workshop, I've seen real progression with my handstand. They really gave us good techniques to get away from the wall & get comfortable on your hands. 

Aaron & Christine all smiles!

If you're interested in doing an intermediate to advanced acro workshop, I highly recommend seeking out Aaron & Christine.  They are based out of New Orleans, but are hopping around the globe instructing & bringing a whole lot of acro fun your way.  To all my peeps in Illinois, there is a workshop coming up this month in Chicago, so go get it. Many mahalos & a big THANK YOU Aaron & Christine, it was so much fun! I look forward to the next time I can play with you guys. :)

What a day, what a day... Warrior Love All Around!

The Bad Ash Tour continued today at Heading Om in Peoria, IL. Many thanks to the incredible people that came, participated & shared energy for the Warrior Workshop, Asana, & Getting Comfortable Upside down & on Your Hands Workshop.  Thank you to Tammy Mitchell at Heading Om for sharing her space with me, and welcoming me with open arms.  Much gratitude happening, when thinking about how fun this day was.  Next weekend, I'm in Farmington, IL for my last workshop before I Ieave for Bali.  Love darlings, have a great weekend!

Landed in Central IL... two weeks in Canton before Bali!

It was a busy weekend in Illinois on the Bad Ash Yoga Tour... Thank you to Chuck & BE Yoga in Decatur for having myself & fellow instructor Jolene Wright for our ALIGN with BALANCE workshop on Friday evening... just a little taste of BALANCE Yoga Retreat Costa Rica.

Saturday morning was round 2 for Yoga & the Voice in Bloomington, IL at Tonya Keach Yoga & Wellness.  What an incredible class!  I honestly love all of my classes, but Saturday morning's energy was beyond words.  Such an amazing group of students, powerful space & stellar vibe.  Thank you for having me Tonya! (Pictured above Tonya Keach & Bad Ash)

Now I'm back in my hometown of Canton, IL & I'm teaching classes Monday through Friday for the next two weeks downtown on the square.  They are donation based classes, so pay what you can, all levels & all bodies welcome. :) 

Indiana to Illinois... the tour continues!

Thank you so much to Santosha School for having me lead Yoga & Your Voice vinyasa flow class on Wednesday evening, and thanks to the 8 students in attendance.  It was a new sequence for me & it was fun to test it out on such a great group.

Me pictured with the super cute & awesome Jillian Deam... it was her first yoga class & I was psyched to be her teacher... If you are from Indy maybe you recognize her from FOX 59. :) Thanks for coming to class girl!

Now I'm in Illinois, making a brief stop in Sullivan, IL, where I taught a flow class this morning for Operation Barefoot Freedom Yoga... it was a last minute addition to the Bad Ash Yoga Tour, and I'm honored to have been asked.

Tonight I join instructor Jolene Wright at Be Yoga in Decatur, IL for an ALIGN with BALANCE workshop, focusing on meditation, pranayama (breath work) & yoga nidra. If you are in or around the area, don't stop yourself from coming and getting blissed out!!!