Landed in Central IL... two weeks in Canton before Bali!

It was a busy weekend in Illinois on the Bad Ash Yoga Tour... Thank you to Chuck & BE Yoga in Decatur for having myself & fellow instructor Jolene Wright for our ALIGN with BALANCE workshop on Friday evening... just a little taste of BALANCE Yoga Retreat Costa Rica.

Saturday morning was round 2 for Yoga & the Voice in Bloomington, IL at Tonya Keach Yoga & Wellness.  What an incredible class!  I honestly love all of my classes, but Saturday morning's energy was beyond words.  Such an amazing group of students, powerful space & stellar vibe.  Thank you for having me Tonya! (Pictured above Tonya Keach & Bad Ash)

Now I'm back in my hometown of Canton, IL & I'm teaching classes Monday through Friday for the next two weeks downtown on the square.  They are donation based classes, so pay what you can, all levels & all bodies welcome. :) 

Indiana to Illinois... the tour continues!

Thank you so much to Santosha School for having me lead Yoga & Your Voice vinyasa flow class on Wednesday evening, and thanks to the 8 students in attendance.  It was a new sequence for me & it was fun to test it out on such a great group.

Me pictured with the super cute & awesome Jillian Deam... it was her first yoga class & I was psyched to be her teacher... If you are from Indy maybe you recognize her from FOX 59. :) Thanks for coming to class girl!

Now I'm in Illinois, making a brief stop in Sullivan, IL, where I taught a flow class this morning for Operation Barefoot Freedom Yoga... it was a last minute addition to the Bad Ash Yoga Tour, and I'm honored to have been asked.

Tonight I join instructor Jolene Wright at Be Yoga in Decatur, IL for an ALIGN with BALANCE workshop, focusing on meditation, pranayama (breath work) & yoga nidra. If you are in or around the area, don't stop yourself from coming and getting blissed out!!!

Workshop in Ohio! - "What is Yoga?" Intro to Yoga Basics & Philosophy

Thank you to the nine lovely souls that came to our workshop today! What an incredible day full of yoga exploration, immersion, and shared knowledge... Feeling blessed, grateful & blissed out! 😉 🙏🏼

Well done and a huge THANK YOU to Carolyn Zanarini for orchestrating the workshop outside of Toledo, Ohio, and co-hosting with such poise and ease. Special thanks to Wendy for helping us with finding a location to hold the workshop.  Congratulations to Carolyn as well on starting a new job! This will be limiting her classes, but she is still available for private lessons in the area & will be subbing at various locations in the Toledo, Perrysburg & Sylvania area. If you would like to sign-up for her e-mail list message her at .

Carolyn and I met at our 200 HR yoga teacher training with School Yoga Institute in Fiji.  It was special to be reunited in person and able to have such an inspirational event.  The combination of the group brought terrific energy and enthusiastic conversation, I had such a blast! I look forward to the next time I can come to the area. 

My next stop is Indianapolis on the Bad Ash Yoga Tour... Join me or share with your friends that are in the area... or any area for that matter! ;) Much love for it, ciao for now!